MiTek PosiStrut Flooring Cassettes take what is currently done on site and prefabricate it in a factory.  The floor is built to the current specifications for deflections, reactions and acoustics. Plumbing locations, voids stacks, wastes and duct chases and recessed wet areas are resolved at the design stage to ensure ease of installation on site. MiTek PosiStrut Flooring Cassettes can also utilise top chord support, so they can be craned into position on-site and fixed in minutes.

Two people can do in a day what it takes three or four to do in seven days – with more square metres of flooring laid by less labour in a lot less time. There is no storage issue on-site and this is an advantage. The truck arrives and within minutes the first cassette can be craned into position.

Once installed and fitted (and relevant safety scaffolding erected) the cassettes can be walked on, so the next part of the construction process can get underway. Following trades can move in and start work. Plumbing, electrical, heating & air conditioning/ducting can be readily accommodated by PosiStrut’s easy-access

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