Eurojamb provides the perfect hassle-free door jamb in a choice of Architrave, Square set or Shadowline finish. Eurojamb features a two-part wooden and aluminium construction that takes all the pain out of getting a consistently professional door detail finish. This is especially true for Shadowline where Eurojamb creates a perfectly accurate straight-line shadow detail every time. The perforated aluminium strip makes for seamless dovetailing into plasterboard surfaces. 

Eurojamb is available with single or double rebate options and is suited for wall thicknesses from 102mm to 160mm. Custom sizes greater than 160mm are also available. Eurojamb uses premium quality Swiss materials. The aluminium is pre-treated with a chromate process providing exceptional corrosion resistance and creating an ideal surface for painting (on primer required).
Eurojamb is also available with the Pier heavy-duty concealed 3D hinge system for immaculately clean lines with hinged doors.

Concealed fixings eliminate any need for architraves

  • Perforated sides for flush setting giving the doorway a frameless look
  • Simple to install and requires no special maintenance
  • Accommodates various standard wall thicknesses.
  • Single rebate design for ultra clean look both sides of the doorway.

Complimented by a range of hardware to suit different applications, Euro Jamb is an extremely versatile option that incorporates seamless design.