Stemming from Japanese values of simplicity, nature, and quality, the Cemintel® Territory™ range is a natural cladding range created for you.

The pre-finished cladding seeks to emulate material such as stone, timber, concrete, metal, tiles, and smooth render

Representing a sophisticated way to enhance building façades without ongoing maintenance, the Territory™ range is inspired by nature, from expansive canyons, rivers, lush forests, and sand dunes, to urban sprawl colourscapes. Whatever your design need, the Territory™ range has a solution.


  • Pre-finished and available in a variety of colours and simulated textures
  • Provides a ventilated cavity to keep your building dry
  • NichiGuard® stain resistant and self-cleaning coating available
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance
  • Simple clip fixing system
  • Tongue and groove profile