In 2017 ProRig Hardware became the sole Australian & New Zealand distributor of Blue Wave stainless steel hardware.  Manufactured in Denmark, Blue Wave delivers the highest standard of product quality, with the ability to work with your engineers to custom design unique fittings for tensile structures.

Blue Wave Wire Design System applications include tensile applications such as:

• Suspension bridges and shade
• Braces and trusses
• Fabric architecture and weather proof structures
• Catenary lighting
• Facades
• Landscaping and greenwall
• Signage & decorations

Tensile structures are growing in popularity for:

• Airports
• Sporting facilities
• Exhibition halls
• Bridging
• Shopping centres
• Outdoor recreational areas

Blue Wave products are thoroughly tested in several steps from raw material to final inspection
with the latest available testing equipment.  

European Norm Certification is available on most components.

Lloyd’s Certification is also available on a select range of products. It is no surprise that Blue Wave
stainless steel products are used extensively in places where safety and reliability is required.