Viridian, Australia's largest provider of glass, is the only manufacturer of float glass and hard coat performance products and caters for the residential, commercial, industrial markets. 

Multi-purpose glass to meet your projects individual requirements

  • Energy Efficient Glass provides protection from the elements and improved insulation
  • Noise Resistant Glass reduces the intrusion of external noise for a quieter internal environment
  • Decorative Safety Glass is a designer option with a range of colours and designs to choose from
  • Fire Rated Glass is bush fire resistant, exceeding Australian standards
  • Structural Glass is a practical solution which doesn't restrict views, bringing outside beauty in with a range of balustrades, doors and wall and façade options
  • Storm Protection Glass withstands and shields from the most powerful storms
  • Security Glass protects both people and property from unwanted intrusion, including a bullet proof range 
  • Safety Glass doesn't form sharp shards of glass when broken
Innovative, efficient glass improves energy management, security, comfort and overall aesthetics
There are many factors to consider when selecting the right glass as it plays a unique role in building design and the environment. Some of the products include:
  • Float Glass: Process where glass is manufactured by melting sand, soda ash, dolomite and limestone together and produces a continuous glass ribbon up to 3660mm wide
  • ScalaTexture™ Glass: Decorative pattern embossed into the glass
  • Glass with Insulating properties: Double glazed units that provide insulation and solar control
  • Laminated Safety Glass: Consists of two or more layers of glass permanently bonded together with an interlayer or resin
  • Toughened Safety Glass: Process where the glass is heated then rapidly cooled, making it up to five times stronger than standard glass
  • Coated Glass: High performance units consisting of permanently bonded microscopically thin layers of metal oxides

Virdian supplies energy efficient glass solutions, being a member of the Green Building Council of Australia they have implemented initiatives to assist in meeting their ‘Target of Zero Waste’ and exceed EPA standards using recycled content wherever possible.