PROMASEAL® Split Ezy is an innovative solution for the issue of how to protect the services of a split system air conditioner installed on to a fire rated wall. The PROMASEAL® Split Ezy has been fire tested to AS1530.4 – 2014 for up to 120 minutes in fire rated plasterboard walls. 

The PROMASEAL® Split Ezy solves several problems for the installer in one product. It will protect services that have been roughed in prior to the wall linings being installed. It provides a datum point for the installation of the head unit, as well as provided a fixing bracket so that you no longer need to search for studs or use wall anchors to install a unit. The most important element of the system is that it will provide a fire rated penetration seal for the services with no requirement for additional sealing of services or patching of the wall linings. 

All of this means that significant savings in terms of time and cost against traditional methods can be achieved for the split system installer.  

The product has a universal design that can be used with any brand of split system on the market.