Designed using the innovative panel technology known from Kingspan, BENCHMARK is an architectural range of façade and roof systems.

The range includes BENCHMARK Walls Liners, BENCHMARK Roofliners, BENCHMARK Kreate, BENCHMARK Karrier System, BENCHMARK Envolution range and BENCHMARK Envirodeck.

The BENCHMARK Karrier System is a proven factory engineered building system and comprises individual high performance insulated panels designed to support the façades

  • A wide range of through fix and secret fix BENCHMARK façades is available
  • Multiple size façade finishes, very low limitations
  • Suitable for buildings of any height
  • Simple and fast to construct
  • Easily accommodates openings, penetrations and complex façades
  • Simple integration with doors, windows, glazing, louvres and traditional construction materials
  • Lifetime insulation continuity, thermal performance and airtightness (less than 5m3/hr/m2) certainty
  • Available with the BENCHMARK Guarantee

BENCHMARK Wall Liner is an engineered insulated panel system that is ideal for fully supporting single-skin metal sheeting such as zinc, copper, turn-coated stainless steel or more modern metals like stainless steel and pre-formed aluminum sheeting

  • Safe, quick and easy to install
  • Weathertight solution allows earlier internal fit out while facade is installed
  • Tongue and groove joint interfit achieves excellant airtighness performance
  • Achieves R-values as high as 10.15m2K/W using 200mm panel.
  • ECOsafe insulation core with Zero Ozone Depletion achieving BREEAM credits
  • A variet of internal lines are available
  • Factory fitted vapour seal

With the ability to specify the colour, size and configuration of each cassette, including rounded corners, BENCHMARK Kreate offers new ways to truly achieve any vision.

  • Truly bespoke single component façade system
  • Multi-option design flexibility, with variable panel sizes, cassette arrangement and colour options
  • Rapid installation when compared to multiple component traditional rainscreen systems
  • Panels up to 6000mm in length are available
  • Reduced risk of accidents as less time is spent working at height
  • One supplier and delivery
  • All the advantages of a high performance insulated panel system
  • LPCB approved
  • Available with the BENCHMARK Total Guarantee
  • No façade fire stops required

BENCHMARK Evolution can add the ultimate finishing touch to the modern building envelope, combining leading edge design with stellar thermal performance.

  • They can be laid vertically or horizontally and can integrate easily with each other and the rest of the BENCHMARK range
  • Finished with the sleek simplicity of a completely flat façade, with Kingspan's customary industry-leading, high performance insulation core
  • The clean, flawless finish conceals the complexity of the engineering behind these revolutionary panels
  • It is available in widths of 600mm, 900mm and 1,000mm and comes with a range of architecturally enhancing ancillary options. Standard lengths are from 2m to 12m

BENCHMARK Envirodek is a PIR insulated roof deck that has been specifically designed to support extensive and intensive green roof systems

  • Cost-effective green roof solution
  • Safe, quick and easy to install
  • Lightweight, highly insulated and energy efficient
  • Lifetime insulation continuity, thermal performance and airtightness (less than 5m3/hr/m2) certainty
  • Reduced energy usage
  • Moderation of Urban Heat Island Effect
  • Improved air quality
  • Urban agriculture
  • Increased biodiversity

BENCHMARK Roofliner insulated panels enhance weathertightness, thermal, airtightness, fire resistance and the structural performance of a building.

  • Safe, quick and easy to install
  • Ideal for Zinc, stainless steel and aluminium standing seam systems and single-ply membranes
  • Suitable for flat, low pitch and roof applications
  • Available in a larger range of thicknesses
  • Achieves R-values as high as 10.15m2 K/W using 200mm panel
  • Attractive flat internal liner profile
  • Creates a safe working platform, allowing early removal of safety nets