Stormtech introduced Australia to linear drainage for bathrooms in the early 1990s and has since then provided efficient architectural drainage solutions. A favourite product for architects and designers is the Tile Insert Drain: Developed to make the drain disappear, the Ti series incorporates tile or solid surface material within the grate frame, ideal for use of large format tiles or a stone slab. The Tile Insert drain is available in 65mm and 100mm wide and for different tile thicknesses allowing it to be used for different building situations.

The latest addition to the Tile Insert drain range is the shallowest Tile insert drain on the market. With an overall depth of only 23mm, the 100Tii20 it is an ideal product for projects involving a redevelopment of existing structures that can have concrete slabs with flaws and cracks or where new floor zones need to be put in.

Stormtech’s use of grade 316 marine grade stainless steel illustrates its dedication to a higher quality of material. Stormtech offers Global GreenTag™ certification to help with GreenStar credits and works with regulators, legislators, end users, trades and distributors to develop problem-solving products. 

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