There’s nothing quite like the unique beauty of a dry stone wall in your home or fireplace. Around the world, the beauty and longevity of natural stone have made it a favourite of generations of designers and home renovators alike. In spite of this, achieving elegant stone wall construction is often a complex, arduous task.
However, this no longer need be the case.

DecoR Stone Dry Stone Panels™ significantly reduce the labour and cost requirements of laying individual stones, and remove the hassle of finding a qualified stonemason or tradesperson capable of traditional stone wall construction.

The easy to install modular profiles combine contemporary ease of installation with the classic beauty and romance of natural stone. Individually rounded edges on each stone create a realistic natural look, while pre-cut and sized panels make construction a breeze.

An extension of DecoR Stone’s successful Ledge Stone Range, DecoR Stone Dry Stone Panels™ are perfect for those seeking a country charm look, an organic textured façade, or a unique feature wall that sets their home well and truly apart.

Available in three colours, DecoR Stone Dry Stone Panels™ can be specified to suit projects of any style.

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