Stormtech provides a range of linear drainage systems from linear shower drains to threshold drains. For unusual building situations where standard sizes are unsuitable or to match a specific architectural aesthetic in shape and style, a dedicated custom fabrication team works closely with architects and builders.

For high traffic areas in public buildings they have supplied custom-made stainless steel entry drainage mats that can be custom fabricated to match any design aesthetics of a particular project enhancing not only the function of these areas, but also the overall look. For applications in public outdoor spaces Stormtech can supply slip resistant grates ensuring ensure compliance with a regulations and building and/or plumbing codes. 

Sometimes corrosion resistance needs to be higher in some project than others. This comes into play in areas such as chlorine environments and sea-front buildings. Stormtech’s use of grade 316 marine grade stainless steel illustrates its dedication to a higher quality of material. Stormtech offers global GreenTag™ certification to help with GreenStar credits and works with regulators, legislators, end users, trades and distributors to develop problem-solving products.