As a result of over 60 years’ experience, the premium-quality, thermally broken windows, doors and façades solutions in Schueco Australia’s aluminium portfolio are able to perform to a higher level than competing systems.

This enables them to satisfy even the most demanding specification, giving architects the greatest possible design freedom.

Performance flexibility is achieved through the use of built-in thermal insulation ranging from zero to Passive House standard (eg the Schueco FW 50+.SI façade can achieve Uf values down to 0.73 W/m²K), a level commensurate with achieving a properly carbon-neutral building.

Overall energy performance may be further increased by automating opening vents through a building management system. This is simply achieved in a Schueco window through the use of ‘TipTronic’ concealed activators.

Impressive sound insulation can be achieved in combination with the correct glass, reducing noise by up to Rw 49 dB.

Finally, Schueco’s emphasis on sustainability means that the company now has components made from natural materials, making Schueco’s highest-performing systems some of the most environmentally friendly on the planet.