Demand continues to grow for residential and commercial development in this country and the need for trades to compete and win business in this competitive area is more important than ever.

Cement and dry mix products like concrete mix, render or mortar feature heavily in these projects.  Important aspect of their use is to ensure that the products will stand up to the tests of quality and  convenience – with these leading to job satisfaction, improved profit and reduced construction time.

Good quality jobs also ensure positive referrals and repeat business. Using cheaper products from uncertain or off-shore origins or ‘home brand’ products may come under consideration when bidding for a contract. There is some risk that these products may not perform satisfactorily to meet the job specifications, or worse, may fail after the job is completed.

By contrast, using branded products from domestic manufacturers provides confidence and the opportunity to follow up with the manufacturer for full product support, including technical advice from product experts.

Domestically produced cement and dry mix products that have been specifically formulated to meet Australian Standards and varied weather conditions provide the level of confidence needed to ensure a job is done right first time with minimal risk. Locally manufactured products feature high levels of quality control, consistent performance and local back-up if needed. Importantly, local  manufacturers support local communities through providing direct and indirect employment opportunities.

Cement Australia’s packaged products are produced its own manufacturing facilities using the same high quality ingredients required by our bulk customers who supply products for use in major infrastructure, large commercial building projects and some of the nation’s largest mines.

Cement Australia’s packaged products also feature innovation and high performance standards.

With the largest products distribution network in Australia, the power of international support and a dedicated team of professionals, you can count on Cement Australia to deliver the best products, through the best resellers – when and where you need them.