DMF International Pty Ltd have been manufacturing high speed doors for over 25 years, and are well regarded in the industry. Most high speed doors however, are constructed using a flexible PVC panel, and are used for climate control of operation areas with high traffic use. DMF are now able to supply this concept of fast action door, to include the feature of security.

With our exclusive alliance with German manufacture Efaflex GmbH, DMF are now able to supply and install high speed security roll doors for applications such as warehouses, carparks, building facilities, emergency services facilities, mines, law courts and prisons, to name a few.

The doors operate at speeds of 2.0m/sec depending on the size, and can be programmed for automatic closing after a preset time. Many activation options exist, and can be tailored to suit the use of the door system. Safety is obviously an important consideration, and the DMF Efaflex doors come with sophisticated sensors to ensure users of the doors are kept safe.

Door panels can range from extruded thick walled aluminium, insulation, all clear acrylic glass or polycarbonate, or perforated aluminium for ventilation.

Doorway sizes up to 7mH and 8mW are achievable, and the Efaflex doors are custom made to suit your specific application.