Blum’s AVENTOS HK series provides a contemporary stay lift solution for wall cabinets of small to  medium height that combines high functionality with a simple yet elegant design. The AVENTOS HK  series includes the AVENTOS HK, AVENTOS HK-S and the new AVENTOS HK-XS.

The newest member of the HK series, AVENTOS HK-XS extends the planning and design options which are possible with our HK series programme. AVENTOS HK-XS is a compact stay lift fitting with a sleek and narrow design. It is ideally suited to wall cabinets with shallow internal depths from 125mm such as above the range hood in the kitchen or sink in the bathroom.

AVENTOS HK-XS features the familiar AVENTOS quality of motion and ergonomic benefits such as variable stop. The core element of the compact fitting is a robust spring package ensuring high stability and durability, without the use of gas. The symmetrical lift mechanism can be used on one or both sides to accommodate large and heavy fronts.

In addition to our HK series, Blum’s range of AVENTOS lift systems include lift systems to suit bi-fold lift, parallel lift and swing (up and over) lift applications.

Contact your local Blum representative for your copy of our new AVENTOS HK series programme brochure. Our new brochure is also available for download on