The challenge of keeping people cool when it’s hot in large volume buildings like school halls and sporting venues has traditionally been handled with energy intensive air conditioning or just put into the too hard basket. An effective alternative gaining interest in Australia and overseas is to bring summer breezes indoors using large diameter low speed fans.

MacroAir, fans produce low disruption, quiet air movement in volumes of up to 9,800 cubic meters per minute at a tiny fraction of the cost of running air conditioning systems. What makes them so effective? It’s all a matter of size and blade design working on the simple principle that big, high efficiency fans use fewer watts to move air in volume than smaller fans. 

Even without any change in temperature, air moving at breeze speeds of just 3- 4 km/h has a cooling effect of 4 to 6°C making this technology a very attractive way of bridging the gap between energy intensive air conditioning or no cooling at all. 

In big spaces where people need to be kept comfortable, no alternative can match these big fans for lowest installed cost or energy efficiency.