Jean-Pierre Biasol has brought Jury Café, located within the bluestone walls of the former Pentridge prison, to life through the clever application of ply including ECOply® by Carter Holt Harvey. The sombre history of the site prompted Biasol from Biasol: Design Studio to develop a light and playful look.

Plywood is used consistently throughout floor areas, walls, sub-frames, joinery, tables, chairs, planter boxes, even menu frames. ECOply CD Grade has been used across the back wall cabinetry where the grainy texture adds warmth and movement in contrast to the pale grey concrete expressed on the adjoining wall.

The natural timber appearance of ECOply helps create a fresh, organic look at Jury Café and the small, intergrown knots that feature in the CD Surface Grade enhances its natural form.

Known for its strength and durability, ECOply is also surprisingly easy to handle and use in a variety of applications. It has been a popular choice not only in eateries like Jury Café but in office fit-outs, apartments and homes particularly for joinery, interior lining, sheathing, bracing and soffits.

Sustainability also makes plywood a popular choice. ECOply is locally made from renewable, plantation grown pine and is available AFS and FSC® certified on request. For designers looking for sustainability, workability and affordability the jury is unanimous: ECOply is a smart design choice.

Photographer: Martina Gemmola