In the never-ending pursuit of innovation, TCK Solar have recently released SOLbond from SOLON: the German-engineered and manufactured ultrathin solar panel system. Defying previous standards of possibility, SOLbond condenses all the power of TCK Solar into a revolutionary system that is only as thin as the glass. Despite being the thinnest panel yet, SOLbond is packed full of features:

Light as a feather

Designed for all flat trapezoidal and composite roofs, the lightweight panels (10kg per sqm) are ideal for areas with low load-bearing reserves.

Flawlessly functional

Super lightweight, ultrathin, Frameless and self-cleaning the SOLbond panel system produces sleek solar power solutions, whilst taking nothing away from the architectural style of the building.

Powerful as ever

Using a unique glass-reinforced-plastic rail system, the frameless panels are easily installed within a matter of hours and feature a power density not to be expected of a unit so streamline (155 Watt per sqm).


A symmetrical rail system allows for even weight dispersal across the roof, consequently protecting the structural soundness of the building. German engineered adhesive solutions make the systems immune to high winds and even snowfall, certified under European standards for both occurrences.

Guaranteed across the board

Accompanied by a 10-year product guarantee, 25-year adhesive bond warranty, and five-stage performance guarantee over 25 years, SOLbond will be minimising power costs for decades to come.