Blockout Shutters are designed to endure harsh Australian weather conditions including bushfires and are recommended for this purpose by fire authorities, architects and builders. The highly durable, fire resistant shutter curtain aids in preventing the fire entering a building by:

  1. Preventing glass in windows and doors shattering
  2. Preventing embers penetrating the building
  3. Preventing oxygen escaping fueling the fire further.

The Maxiblock®Shutters also feature a 40 mm double walled extruded profile, heavy duty bottom bar, security locks and a tracking design that is 3 times stronger than a conventional shutter.

Shutters can be installed in-built on new constructions or retro fitted onto existing buildings. Blockout Shutters are available in range of colours that suit both classic and contemporary interior and exterior colour schemes.

Blockout, the shutter company fire authorities specify.