Lifehouse design has achieved a valuable trifecta by creating a new modular home that is affordable, sustainable and features striking design. The key to the winning combination is using simple, raw materials such as ECOply that require minimal handling and maintenance.

“When we came up with the LIFEHOUSE modular concept we were seeking materials that were raw and honest and didn’t need any finishes,” says Lifehouse Design partner and building designer, Robyn Gibson.

“Our aim was to maximise the energy efficiency of the overall house, to get back to basics, to reduce the amount of trades, resources and labour needed for finishing and maintenance.”

Lifehouse design chose ECOply for usability, re-usability and cost effectiveness.

“It’s such a great product because it is lightweight, incredibly durable and easy for builders to work with so it ticks all the boxes,” reveals Gibson.

ECOply Cd grade structural plywood is used to line all the ceilings, exterior soffit and verandah in LIFEHOUSE along with the joinery of the living areas including shelving, study area and built-in seating-storage which can easily be re-fitted to accommodate changing living needs.

For LIFEHOUSE, as with many other smart design projects, ECOply is really starting to make a name for itself by delivering environmental, economic and design benefits right across the board.