Car parking has become a vital part of today's mobile community, especially in metropolitan areas including airports, all of which are growing at an ever faster rate.

This means continually providing more parking spaces by building new car parks and frequently extending and refurbishing existing ones.

Sika offers a complete Car Park Deck Solution including leak-proof waterproofing system for the new build and refurbishment of your car park structures. 

The requirements for waterproofing and wearing surfaces for exposed areas are to prevent the ingress of water and chlorides and offer a long term solution for refurbishment and new build structures.

Therefore, crack-bridging properties are necessary along with high levels of abrasion resistance. 

Sika is the right partner, whether choosing the correct waterproofing membranes for the basement, roof, or all areas in between.

When identifying the ideal waterproofing systems, the perfect joint sealants, or repair and protection of concrete or steel structures, Sika has the right solutions.

A global organisation with more than 100 production and marketing sites in over 80 countries. Sika is the most complete and competent partner for waterproofing new build and refurbishment of car parking structures. For further support and information, please contact Sika direct of enquire using the code below.