Stiebel Eltron (Aust) introduces the Stratos, a new range of European engineered energy efficient, power-flued gas room heaters for the general domestic market. Power-flued heaters are sealed units where air for combustion is drawn from outside.

The new heater has been designed for Class 1 buildings, which in Australia comprise of mainly freestanding houses and townhouses. To ensure correct operation, a Stratos heater must be installed on the inside of an exterior wall to allow the flue to be passed directly through the wall.

Designed to provide consistent warmth through efficient uniform heating emitted from the base of the system, Stratos gas room heaters are available in a choice of four sizes with up to 4.6 star energy efficiency rating. Heating from the base of the unit minimises stratification of the air and improves overall heating effect. An inbuilt humidifier tray can be utilised on the unit to increase comfort levels for those more sensitive to air quality.