The new ETC Source Four Mini LED luminaires combine an architectural profile, aesthetics and energy efficiency for use in several small scale lighting applications.

The luminaires are a more compact version of a fully functional Source Four theatrical luminaire, featuring interchangeable lens tubes to provide crisp optics in the field angles of 19°, 26°, 36° and 50°; shutters to limit the spill of light onto other pictures in the gallery or to just light the product being sold; and a rotatable barrel for annoying angles.

Ideal for restaurants, shops, museums, cafes, foyers, theatres and various small-scale applications that demand energy efficiency, the Source Four Mini LED can go on for 35,000 hours without a lamp change.

The Source Four Mini LED comes in a track mount, a canopy mount and a portable version all with the transformer neatly attached or hidden and is available in white, silver or black. 

At 23cm long the luminaire can fit into the smallest of corners, and with a diameter of 6.35cm fit through a very small hole. Its 12W LED is also brighter than a traditional tungsten fixture.