ELKA, a leading German manufacturer of 50,000 gate openers and boom gates will now be distributed by Rotech Group Pty Ltd in Australia.

ELKA gate openers include the heavy-duty Sentinel KM 24vdc and Sentinel ZT (pictured) gate linear swing models, equipped to open a single gate leaf, as large as 6m and weighing up to 500kg. They feature an electronic soft start and stop mechanism, along with safety sensing and an easily operated emergency release. Four different types of articulated arms can be chosen to suit mounting on to brick pillars and other difficult applications.

Rotech also stock the ES series of industrial boom gates with boom poles measuring 5-8m. The KL series (pictured) with 9-12m poles along with other boom gates will also be made available.

Key features of these heavy-duty industrial boom gates include a powder-coated aluminium cabinet, three in-built loop detectors for directional logic and traffic control, six different programmable relays and electronic safety sensing for efficiency and safety.