GONE are the days when acoustic linings meant perforated plywood or perforated plasterboard. Supawood have spearheaded the development of completely new options such as lightweight beam ceilings, slatted and linear effects and even monolithic ceilings that give no appearance of being acoustic at all.

This extensive variety of acoustic products has made Supawood Acoustic Lining Systems the preferred choice for sound absorption applications by both architects and acoustic consultants.

No architect need compromise his design feel or look to obtain superior acoustic performance.

Enhancing user comfort and productivity by reducing stress has become an essential consideration when designing good interiors.

Supawood will supply a comprehensive range of test results and data to assist you when calculating the correct sound absorption requirements for your project.

CPD course, "Architectural Linings for Reverberation Control" by Supawood provides their clients with the skills, knowledge and tools to create acoustically optimised spaces. This excellent course will not only enable architects to meaningfully interact with acoustic consultants but make "echoey" meeting rooms or "loud" spaces a thing of the past.

If you want your project to stand out from the rest, Supawood has a quality acoustic panelling solution to suit.