THE RED* 40 See-Thru balanced flue gas fireplace blends stunning linear design with all the advanced technology that Heat & Glo has become known for. Showcase a room or divide living and dining areas — make a statement that reflects style and good taste! Add to this, the state-of-the-art ‘IntelliFire PLUS' ignition system, which reduces gas consumption and lowers operating costs, plus a multi-function remote control, and you'll never again need to light a pilot or bend down to operate your fireplace.

The RED* 40 See-Thru features a selection of front and media options, together with stunning accent lighting to enhance the overall appearance of the unit.

A Heat Zone option to maximise heat distribution is also available.



• Top or rear venting options provide greater installation flexibility

• Zero clearance provides ease of installation

• IntelliFire PLUS ignition — no standing pilot, reduces gas consumption and lowers operating costs

• Balanced Flue Technology provides a sealed combustion chamber, maintaining indoor air quality

• Choice of fronts/trims to enhance the dynamics of the combustion chamber

• Crystal glass media featuring a range of accent lighting options

• Optional Heat Zones (2 per unit) to maximise heat distribution