SINCE 1986 Atlantis has been leading the industry through innovation and progressive development of new products that provide cost effective, green building solutions to developers and designers.

The Atlantis Flo-Tank® range now features new modules that offer linear access. The result is improved flow and easy maintenance for applications including rainwater harvesting, bio retention swales, media filtration, infiltration tanks and channels, O.S.D detention tanks and drainage.

The Atlantis Flo-Tank® product range is also an ideal solution for lightweight structural fill in applications where levels need to be raised without the use heavy fill materials. Typical applications include decorative landscape mounds, raising levels of planter boxes, podiums and retaining walls. In this application the Flo-Tank® range excels in providing a structural base that can be landscaped, paved or decked over to maintain design intent. A side benefit from the lightweight structural fill of the Flo-Tank® range is excellent drainage performance. The versatile and modular Flo-Tank® range also allows easy installation into uneven ground that includes services, levels and building design.

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