IT is often forgotten that the acoustic design of a space is as important as its functionality.

Users of poorly designed spaces often don't know why they don't like or enjoy a space. In the case of restaurants or concert halls, they just don't go back.

Large amounts of money are sometimes spent on audio systems, completely neglecting the room, only to be disappointed with the system, when it is the room acoustics that are at fault.

The Echohush range combines acoustics and aesthetics maximising noise energy reduction by absorption, improving acoustics in rooms and enclosed spaces while providing strong visual qualities to suit any decor.

Echohush products reduce noise in high energy spaces such as restaurants, public areas, hallways, showrooms, corridors, home theatres, home audio, sports halls, kindergartens, lecture theatres, recording studios, office receptions, open plan offices, bars, church halls, science school rooms, cinemas, work areas, call centres, music rooms, nightclubs, practice rooms, public spaces or where enhanced privacy is needed.

The increasing use of acoustic panelling to control reverberation problems has seen a significant increase in the variety of products available. While many designers are focussed mainly on the ‘look' or aesthetic value of the product, equal importance must be placed on ensuring the panels will provide the required acoustic results. To achieve this, the panel's manufacturer must provide a total acoustic solution, not just the product itself.

Pyrotek noise control can provide the perfect blend of aesthetics and acoustics with their expanded range of Echohush products, but more importantly, they offer expert technical advice on room acoustics, including product selection, product placement and reverberation time calculations and projections (online room calculator now available). All of these are critical in getting the best possible acoustic result.