ASA has the solution to the traditional problems with direct tiling to moisture cured polyurethane membranes. The unique properties of Specialist Primer means you can now directly stick to moisture cure polyurethane with confidence. Gone are the days of having to install screeds on top of the PU membrane and worrying about tiles falling off walls.

The plasticiser used in moisture cured PU migrates to the surface and affects the long term tile adhesive bond. This process can be slow, and it is not uncommon for tiles to de-bond years after installation. Before now, the only way to guarantee the long term bond was to avoid direct bonding altogether. This added complexity and cost to the job.

Unlike older technologies which try to block plasticiser migration, Specialist Primer absorbs the plasticiser to maintain a strong, long term bond.

Use with Asaflex Tile Adhesive and direct stick to Dampfix PU indoors and outdoors with confidence.

ASA is a Bostik brand. For more information on application and product properties, please refer the Bostik Australia website.