QUARTZ by ACO provides a visually compatible range of bathroom drainage products creating a completely coordinated design. A choice of floor wastes is available for use in the shower area (ShowerPoint) or bathroom floor (CentrePoint). These can be used alongside ShowerChannel to complete a threefold integrated design.

The advantage of a linear grate and body is that it can be located anywhere within the shower area and only requires simple 2D grading of the floor towards the channel.

ShowerChannel bodies and grates are manufactured from stainless steel and comprise a fully welded, integrated outlet. Channels and grates are electropolished, creating a shiny defect-free surface, minimising cleaning and maintenance for a high class finish. The brushed appearance of the grate is still visible after electropolishing and helps reduce the appearance of finger prints and soap residue.

There is a choice of eight award winning grate designs which are easily replaced for a new look.

Optional accessories for the QuARTz by ACO range of products include water activated LED lights, debris strainers and boltless lockable grates.

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