WHEN it comes to outstanding functionality and elegant design, nobody does it quite like Häfele.

The Squareline sink is no exception. Superbly crafted from high-quality 304,18/8 stainless steel and at 12.mm thick, it's the perfect choice for anyone wanting to complement their kitchen, laundry or outdoor living space with the most considered touch.

All edges are laser-welded for smooth, clean lines and each sink in the range comes with basket strainers that link directly to the overflow assembly. It will never overflow. Even if the tap is left running.

And with a range of accessories including a striking glass cutting board, polished chrome taps and a colander that can be integrated directly with the bowl, you have a sink that gives you space for living too.

The Squareline sink range can be easily installed in three ways. It can be done undermount which increases bench space and is ideal for granite, stone or composite materials. It can be integrated to sit flush with the bench top for the ultimate in clean lines or it can be laid on to sit on top of the bench space which is ideal for laminate materials.

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