GREAT tasting BRITA filtered water is at your fingertips with the innovative 3 Way Water Filter System.

The new system features one lever for BRITA filtered water and the other lever for your unfiltered hot/cold water with four models to choose from.

The style is sophisticated European design and quality with a WELS 6 Star Water Rating while the taste is cleaner, clearer and great tasting water for you and your family.

The BRITA 3 Way Water Filter System is easy to use and an essential ingredient for your food and your kitchen.

It comes with an installation ready kit with everything you need to install. There is no need to drill your bench top as you use this instead of a regular tap.

Gary Mehigan from Australian MasterChef:

"Cooking with filtered water makes rice fluffier and naturally whiter, pasta smell and taste fantastic, vegetables are bursting with colour and flavour and it improves the taste, aroma and quality of water, tea and coffee."

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