AEON™ Enhanced Performance technology is the perfect answer to the questions of what happens when cutting edge science meets everyday needs.

Designed for those who desire more than just a standard wearing laminate AEON technology provides greater strength and improved clarity and colour for a laminate surface that looks brilliant and lasts longer.

Look for AEON™ Enhanced Performance on Wilsonart® HD® High Definition® and Wilsonart® Premium Laminates.

The new AEON™ Enhanced Performance process is not just a new coating or finish. It is a new way of making high pressure laminate that results in finer and more accurately layered aluminium oxide particles.

The result is a surface that is measurably clearer and stronger, a surface that looks better when new and looks new longer.

Wilsonart® Premium laminates and HD with AEON offer not only a higher level of appearance,
but also a higher level of performance.

AEON Technology is available on the following Wilsonart® Laminate premium finishes.

  • 01 High Gloss
  • 07 Textured Gloss
  • 12 Soft Grain
  • 18 Linearity
  • 52 Quarry
  • 78 Fine Grain

Wilsonart®HD®High Definition® Laminate Optical Finish Effects

  • 35 Mirage
  • 45 Facet
  • 55 Glaze

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