Check out the Revolution in the ceiling fan review conducted by Choice in September 2012.

The innovative Revolution ceiling fan, launched earlier this year by Hunter Pacific International, has proven to be a stunning success. After a licensed electrician fits a power outlet or attaches the power cord to the building wiring the Revolution can be installed, removed and maintained by a home owner or handyman.

In tropical regions and other areas prone to storms the Revolution can be quickly removed from outdoor areas to prevent damage. This simple, quick and electrical safety approved installation system has been awarded numerous Australian and International Patents and Design Registrations.

Resort and community building managers applaud the use of moulded plastic blades that are rugged, safe and easy to keep clean. The ability to remove and replace these fans by ordinary maintenance personnel makes room renovation a breeze while the slim, elegant lines and quality finishes modernise and enhance any décor.

Energy efficiency of the Revolution is outstanding thanks to its newly designed motor, advanced aerodynamic blades, a microcomputer control system and Hunter Pacific’s unmatched experience and commitment to research and development in Australia.