The new Atlantis Flo-Channel® is designed to provide architects, landscape designers and engineers with a versatile product for underground water management.

The Flo-Channel® is ideal for many applications including rainwater harvesting, bio retention swales, media filtration, infiltration tanks and channels, detention tanks and drainage.

The Flo-Channel® is great for maximising land usage and preserving architectural designs while meeting green building codes.

The modular design of the Flo-Channel® enables the construction of tanks and channels of any volume and shape. Meeting project requirements, including sites with limited access is a simple process with the Flo-Channel®.

Car park designs can greatly benefit from incorporating Flo-Chanel® modules creating pervious areas that are significantly more effective than traditional systems in both cost and water quality.

The Flo-Channel® incorporating a 95 percent void surface area with high absorption and flow rate is ideal for creating bio retention swales in projects that are meeting water sensitive design criteria.

The Flo-Channel outperforms traditional methods in water volume per cubic metre, absorption rate and exfiltration area. Flo-Channel® is easy to install and can be installed with lightweight equipment.

Talk to Atlantis to find out how your project can benefit from Flo-Channel® applications.