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THE Urban Series is a designer 316 Grade fully stainless steel modular channel drainage system, developed for easy specification and fast, trouble-free installation.

The standard size components simply fit together in linear lengths to create the perfect architectural channel drain, and can cater for any application from indoor showers , balconies or swimming pools.

The combination of the three different widths of the troughs combined with a variety of grate options from the high intake capacity Heelguard linear look, to the discreet tile insert and the ultra modern Quattro grate allow for the ultimate flexibility in use for every design situation.

Instant Architectural Drainage is the best description, as time delays due to custom manufacture are eliminated as Urban is a stock item and can have a same day delivery.

Site fitment caters for any onsite design changes or errors due to miss-measure, the channels can simply be cut and assembled on-site and the outlets are drilled into the correct position. All expoxy and silicon are included and a channel can be assembled in as little as 10 minutes.

Urban is ideal for the trade as excess lengths can be kept and used on their next project, saving time and money.