AFS LOGICWALL is a permanent formwork walling system engineered for speed of construction.

 The lightweight sandwich panels are quickly and simply hand erected on site and then core-filled with concrete to achieve loadbearing walls that are fire and sound rated. This shop-drawn wall system dramatically reduces waste and trades onsite and increases efficiency with materials handling and coordination.

 On an AFS LOGICWALL site, the program is not driven by the speed of the crane – installation is not crane dependent, but by the installation team and as many men are needed for fast floor cycles. The AFS system is as fast as concrete column structures; however unlike concrete column structures, with AFS, the party walls, corridor walls, external fa├žade walls and lift & stair shafts are all in place and ready for applied finishes directly onto the walls – there is no need for additional trades to install lightweight infill walls and to batten & sheet unfinished substrates.

Our clients testify to the speed of the AFS wall system:

“The product not only being less costly and lighter than its competitors is about 30% quicker to install” Builder - NT

“The time that AFS LOGICWALL saved over the project was way above anyone’s expectations” Architect – ACT

“This controlled process, combined with ultra-fast panel installation directly contributed to the speed of this project. We were able to achieve 8 day floor cycles.” Builder – QLD

If saving time = saving money for you, contact AFS today to see how speed of construction can put your project in front!