ProGuard™ from Nanokote Pty Ltd is a single coat solution for decorative anti-carbonation and anti-graffiti protection requiring no priming allowing a single coat (or two coat wet on wet) to be directly applied to dry or damp concrete.

This replaces typical competitor systems of a standard 4-coat: primer, two separate coats of acrylic (24 hours apart) followed 7 days later by a polyurethane clearcoat.

ProGuard™ can be applied directly to damp concrete at temperatures as low as 3°C reducing lost time from rain or environments where morning dew or high humidity cause delays. Typical competitor systems cannot be applied on damp surfaces or at temperatures below 10°C.

The speed of application and reduced ancillary costs of traffic management and access equipment combine to reduce risk and cost to the contractor by up to 75%.

Chemical or fusion bonding with the concrete creates an incredibly durable coating that resists peeling, flaking and blistering providing long term downstream benefits for the asset owner.

ProGuard™ is suitable for tunnels, bridges, safety barriers, ports and marine developments, sports stadiums, shopping centres, apartment buildings and car park floors.

ProGuard™ is available in any colour and is certified by VicRoads Sec. 685 & 686.