Made from layer upon layer of paper (recycled or from 60 per cent sustainable sources) and bonded with phenolic resin and heat/pressure cured, Paperock is a remarkably strong composite building material.

Sourced and manufactured here in Australia by an Australian owned company, Paperock is incredibly strong for its weight and volume. By cross laminating many layers of paper the tension/compression values for Paperock are outstanding. In addition, the impregnated phenolic resin makes the product impervious to water.

Paperock is made from recycled paper and/or paper from renewable sources making it eco-friendly and 60 per cent sustainable with no VOC emissions. Paperock can be easily installed by any trained carpenter with normal wood working tools. For more information and to request a sample pack follow up with an Infolink enquiry or visit our website.

Paperock is ideal for kitchen benches, food preparation surfaces, architectural materials, industrial work surfaces, furniture and much more!