Exsulite sets the new standard in Exterior Cladding

The Exsulite™ Thermal Facade System by Dulux® AcraTex® is a fully compliant lightweight, insulating cladding and finishing system for new residential and light commercial construction. It can also be used as a façade remedial system for rectification and as an over cladding system.

The total cladding and finishing system from Dulux® AcraTex® - Australia's largest and most trusted coatings supplier.

The Exsulite™ Thermal Facade system bridges the gap between Substrate and Finishing systems offering a fully integrated solution.

Exsulite™ offers builders and installers the total Facade package - Substrate and Finishing system confidence from Dulux® AcraTex®.

BCA compliant systems

SmartRate Energy Efficiency rated systems - R2.2 to R3.8 standard system designs

Cavity design moisture management system

Integrated AcraTex Acrylic Texture & Finishing system delivering a weatherproofing building envelope

Total Facade System Specification ensuring fully compliant system design & componentry

Accredited Exsulite™ Installer Training & QC procedures to support Builder Quality Assurance Programs

6 Star Energy Efficiency

In a changing world where energy costs are rising and the need to mitigate the effects of carbon pollution escalating, the real winners are those who select materials that add value. The Exsulite™ Thermal Facade System offers a smart building solution that includes high thermal efficiency.

Building regulations for new houses, townhouses and units must achieve a minimum 6 star energy rating relating specifically to the building envelope and insulating systems.

The Exsulite™ Thermal Facade System is specifically designed to incorporate thermal design efficiency into the cladding system itself, minimising the need for additional insulating materials or making it easy to achieve even higher thermal performance.

Dulux® AcraTex® Project Support

The Exsulite™ Thermal Facade System comes with installation procedures and guidelines to assure architects, builders and building owner's peace of mind.

Design guidelines, installation methods and project specific specifications are available on request.

Sustainable Solutions from an ISO14001 certified company

AcraTex® leads the way in doing more than just talking about our Environmental Performance by committing our whole business processes and outputs to the test to deliver facade solutions that meet and exceed the demands of our customers and their communities.

For more information on Exsulite™ and a free brochure download, please visit architectureanddesign.com.au/122AX