Recent market feedback indicated that the Hideaway Soft Close Bin range needed to fit into a standard 350mm cabinet. As a result, the Hideaway Soft Close range has been redesigned to reduce the overall width, while still ensuring the end result is a top quality product.

All of the well known design elements of this bin range have remained and strength and durability has not been compromised. The new measurements for each model are internal (wall to wall) and are the minimum required to fit each unit.

2 x 15L Buckets - Width - 317mm, Height - 340mm, Depth - 520mm

2 x 20L Buckets - Width - 317mm, Height - 450mm, Depth - 520mm

Hideaway Soft Close bins include a friction fitted lid, designed to assist with odour control. The lid has a Clinikill™ anti bacterial powder coat designed to fight harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi. This is the very latest in design innovation to keep your bin solution hygienic.

Models include high quality German Soft Close tracks that over-extend allowing easy removal of the back bucket. You also have a choice in colour between Arctic White and Ghost Grey to match in with your design and other soft close technologies.