If your next environmentally sustainable building project requires green star certification, look no further than EZYjamb for your internal door jamb requirements: EZYjamb can earn you green star points.

The synergy of clean lines and green stars in the EZYjamb system gives architects and interior designers a unique opportunity to achieve modern, square-set interiors without compromising the environmental credentials of the building. Some of the green benefits of EZYjamb are:

  • Made from 100 percent recyclable material
  • No architraves required
  • No wastage generated on-site
  • Manufactured under ISO14001 EMS policy
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, safer than MDF
  • No preparation required for painting
  • Faster installation, less on-site time
  • Maximum durability for long service life
  • Total installed cost is substantially less
  • Up to 30 percent recycled content in raw material
  • Shipped in 100 percent recyclable packaging
  • Designed & manufactured in Australia under ISO9001 quality management system
The patented EZYjamb flush finish look door jamb combines visual appeal, contemporary styling and strength for any interior environment, including residential housing, apartments, hospitals, offices, hotels and public venues.

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