Thenatural feel and textural qualities of SHADOWclad® plywood cladding by Carter Holt Harvey helped

inventive architects, DesignInc, achieve an ambitious design for the new University of Notre Dame Australia

Medical School. Presented with a site with few redeeming features and limited outlook, DesignInc’s proposal was to create a building and a landscape at the same time.

“We looked at a range of timber claddings but SHADOWclad stood out for its on-site workability and cost efficiency,” claims Ms Sayers.

The complexities of the angles in the building demanded flexible materials and Sayers says this was another strength of SHADOWclad. “Its workability on-site was a bonus and enabled us to wrap and angle the facade to form the topography of the building.”

In an interesting twist on traditional exterior applications, SHADOWclad was also used inside the medical school. “SHADOWclad was used internally to reinforce the connection between the interior and exterior and connect its inhabitants with the new landscape the building provided,” Ms Sayers explains. “It also adds a layer of texture and warmth to the interior spaces.”

This project illustrates the endless possibilities SHADOWclad offers and how it can help a building come alive, inside and out.