Installingan extra toilet or bathroom in sheds, man caves, attics or just in an area far away from the sewer

line has always been easy, thanks to Saniflo Macerator pumps.

Now service will also be easier and faster with the New Saniaccess 3!

The Saniaccess 3, with its four inlets, will allow anyone to install a complete bathroom anywhere they want. It

has two removable panels on top that will make it the easiest and fastest product to service on the market. The first panel provides direct access to electrical components of the macerating unit allowing easy inspection and servicing of all major parts.

The second panel provides ready access to the basket area around the macerating blades for easy removal of any large objects that may have been accidentally flushed.

Periodic maintenance can be accomplished quicker and easier than ever, without having to disconnect the unit from either the toilet or the rest of the plumbing system!

The Saniaccess 3 will macerate and pump out the waste of a complete bathroom up to 5 metres high or up to 50 metres away from the sewer line. All the waste will run through a 20mm pipe to reach the nearest sewer line, which avoids any major work. Saniaccess 3 can handle the wastewater from a toilet, sink, bathtub and shower.