Pyrotek’sEchohush range of room acoustic materials has been expanded to include products to cater for

specialised-purpose rooms requiring specific acoustic qualities.

The Echohush product range combines acoustic control and aesthetics, maximising noise energy absorption to improve acoustics in rooms and enclosed spaces while providing strong visual qualities to suit any decor. Echohush products improve audio and voice clarity in highly reflective areas.

Whena room needs extra privacy or improved speech clarity the Echohush range now offers combined

solutions, to control the passage of sound and to enhance clarity, by controlling unwanted sound reflections.

A courtroom presents a challenging environment where satisfaction of the above criteria is vital to ensure

proceedings are unaffected by the room’s acoustic properties.

Pyrotek was commissioned by the ACT Law Courts to improve the acoustics of the Supreme Court room. Before acoustic treatment and during proceedings excessive low frequency energy was present, which degraded the quality of court recordings.

The scope of works included the installation of Echohush Panel and Echohush Metro custom slotted panels. Improved speech intelligibility and clearer court recordings were demonstrated following the treatment.