The Code Lock™ Cl-YL-99 series of code access door entry units distributed by Fairmont Marketing Australia are a state-of-art, easy to operate code based lockset. They have been designed to be simply retrofitted into existing cut-outs used in the most common entry applications used through Australia and New Zealand and can store up to 10 different user codes variable from 1 to 15 digits in length.

Features include:

  • Weatherproof external handle to resist even the harshest conditions
  • Code encryption to prevent spying
  • Blue backlit keypad for use in low light conditions
  • Durable handle springs and latching components
  • Clutching outside handle to prevent force opening
  • Over 100 billion possible code options
  • User-friendly setting and changing procedures
  • Deadlatching to prevent manipulation
  • Low battery indicators with emergency battery pack override
  • Available in the finish of stainless steel, polished brass and black nickel