Now you can locate a designer bathroom or kitchen wherever you want it.

Saniflo has a sophisticated, state-of-the-art plumbing solution that allows you to situate a designer kitchen or bathroom in locations too hard or expensive to plumb using traditional techniques.

Saniflo's quiet, concealable macerator pump systems can transport waste water up to five metres vertically or up to 50 metres horizontally - easily reaching your nearest plumbing mains. It also enables the use of small diameter uPVC waste pipes (just 20mm in diameter) and minimises the amount of disruption to existing structures.

Saniflo macerator pumps have been used extensively throughout Europe since 1958. They're superbly reliable, quiet and can be easily concealed within wall cavities or in cabinets. Saniflo products come with a two year warranty and can operate with water temperatures of up to 90 degrees.

Saniflo's technology allows for water-using facilities to be installed away from, and even below, the sewer line. Defying traditional gravity-fed plumbing conventions, installation of your new kitchen, bathroom, ensuite or laundry is possible anywhere.

Saniflo's product range includes models designed specifically for domestic or commercial applications. There are even models suitable for installation within multiple-tenanted premises, meaning a fast and easy installation.