THERE'S no doubt that space in any metropolitan area definitely comes at a premium price. And with the high prices in real estate at the moment home owners need to consider their options when looking for the ideal space solution.

Fortunately, there is a fantastic, cost effective way to create a new storage area for your customers without breaking their bank - unlock their roof space

"About 30% of space in the average home is in the roof space and most of the time it's completely wasted. Most people just don't consider going up when looking for new storage areas," says Attic Group owner and founder, John Stewart.

The access to most roof spaces can be made easy with the installation of one of Attic Group's attic ladders. Attic Group provides a wide range of roof access ladders to suit all budgets and applications from residential to commercial.

"An attic ladder opens up your roof space to a whole range of storage options and could be one of the best solutions to help your customer declutter their home PLUS add extra value to their property. All for a price that will pleasantly surprise you", says Stewart.

Call Attic Group today for pricing or to learn more about our range of attic ladders visit our website.