Silentstep has been designed specifically to reduce speech and audio noise as well as footfall noise generated between floors in buildings.

The unique combination of an acoustic noise barrier and premium bonded foam underlay gives unsurpassed noise reduction.

The noise barrier absorbs and reflects noise, drastically reducing its transfer to adjoining floors.

The bonded foam layer cushions footfall reducing foot impact, while isolating the barrier layer from the floor, increasing the effectiveness of the barrier.

The combination of the two layers enhances the total performance of Silentstep.

Standard foam underlay stops very little noise due to its very low weight and open structure. You can’t see sound, so imagine it is like water. If water can go through, so can sound.

From A Thump To A Tiptoe, From A Shout To A Whisper

Footfall creates a loud thump as the heal hits the floor (315Hz). Plain underlay has little affect on this impact noise problem.

When tested against a bare floor, Silentstep reduces the impact noise by 36dB so a thump becomes a tiptoe.....

400Hz to 1000Hz is the range critical to control the transfer of noise from speech, music, TV and footfall.

At 500Hz standard underlay stops only 2dB where as Silentstep stops 23dB. That’s 21dB more - so a shout becomes a whisper.....