DESIGNED with you in mind, Billi provides you with the ultimate in drinking water appliances. Imagine the convenience of an instant supply of refreshing, clean filtered water - boiling and chilled.


With its state-of-the-art water filtration systems, Billi sets new standards in environmental sensitivity. Water and energy saving effectiveness, recyclability and energy-coefficient material choices mean a low environmental impact and increased environmental friendliness. No need for bottled water ever again!

Energy efficient

Installing a Billi will reduce energy use and lower utility bills. Superior insulating material helps to maintain the temperature easily while using less energy. With an energy-saving standby mode and no fans required, carbon footprints will reduce.

Space saving

Billi's space-saving water filter systems are less than the size of others available, maximising available cupboard storage space. Additionally, the Billi Font can be installed away from the traditional sink area, allowing it to be available where it is needed most and the unit can be offset up to 2 metres from the tap.


With Billi, drinking water will always be clean, safe and free of contaminants. Pollutants and impurities such as sediment, chemicals, heavy metals, chlorine and pesticides are removed, leaving users with refreshing drinking water, every time.

Smart Design

Billi's water filtration systems reflect the latest design trends. Position-sensitive colour-coded levers allow careful flow rate control with advanced safety features and are compliant with current DDA requirements. For convenience, a simple swivel action allows the dispenser to be swung out of the way if more sink space is required. Billi dispensers are available in a range of colours.

All Billi systems are designed and manufactured in Australia.