DECORATIVE illumination has the power to transform any residential or commercial building. It accentuates architecture, adds mood and is as important as any signature furniture piece.

But what if you could combine the two? With Loox — innovative plug and play LED furniture lights from Häfele — you can. The product of several years of Häfele engineering, it’s been used by furniture manufacturers around the globe to set their designs apart.

And it’s now available in Australia. Our motto is ‘just plug it in.’ Loox has a direct driver with an integrated switching

function that makes a direct connection to your most frequently used switches such as push switches; sensor switches; dimmer switches and motion detectors.

It couldn’t be easier. Häfele has a wide range of LED lights in stock that can be combined in many different ways to compliment the Loox. The standard plug in connection makes it child’s play to install the lights into furniture, which means they can be retrofitted by the installer or the furniture buyer himself.

Loox gives you a beautiful lighting solution that’s future-proof and guaranteed to the highest safety standards.

To shine a light on the Loox and hundreds more of our brightest lighting ideas, visit a Häfele showroom in your state or download our new catalogue from our website today.